Selected Courses

MIT Sloan School of Management

Technology and Strategy (15.965) — Michael Davies
This course provides a framework to understand the structure and dynamics of high-tech businesses, together with an approach for their effective strategic management. It is focused on domains in which systems are important, because either or both products are parts of larger and more complex systems, or they are comprised of systems. The emphasis throughout is on the development and application of ways of thinking or mental models that bring clarity to the complex co-evolution of technological innovation, the demand opportunity, systems architecture, business ecosystems, and decision-making and execution within the business.

Disruptive Technologies (ESD.58/15.365) — James Utterback

Leadership Lab for Sustainable Systems (15.569 Peter Senge)
The Human Side of Technology (15.381 Ralph Katz)
User-Centered Innovation in the Internet Age (15.969 Eric Von Hippel)
Organizing for Innovative Product Development (15.980 Thomas Allen)
Leadership: The Missing Link (ESD.930 Shalom Saar)
System Project Management (ESD.36 Olivier de Weck)
Operations and Supply Chain Management (ESD.763 V.M. De Albeniz)
Financial and Managerial Accounting (15.514 Scott Keating)

Harvard Business School
Corporate Strategy (Harvard Business School) (HAB.1230 Julie Wulf)
Executing Strategy (Harvard Business School) (HAB.1263 Bruce Harreld)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Systems Engineering (ESD.33 Patrick Hale)
System Architecture (ESD.34 Edward Crawley)
Product Design and Development (ESD.40 Maria Yang)
System Dynamics for Engineers (ESD.74 Bradley Morrison)
Sustainability, Trade, and the Environment (ESD.137 Nicholas Ashford)
Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis (ESD.72 George Apostolakis)
Systems Optimization (ESD.762 D. Simchi-Levi)
Probability and Statistics (ESD.301 Jeremy Orloff)
Tiger Team Project: MIT Gordon Engineering Leader Mentoring Program (ESD.941 Janice Klein)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (ME.4605 A. Alexandrou)
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) (ME.3512 Joseph Rencis)
Introduction to Economic Systems (SS.1105 Michael Radzicki)
Engineering Economics (MG.2850)
Science, Technology, and Society (HI.3331 James Watters)
The History of Technology (HI.1332 Michael Sokal)
European Technological Development (HI.2334 John Zeugner)
Industry and Empire in British History (HI.2324 Peter Hansen)
The Shaping of Post-1920 America (HI.2315 John Zeugner)

Boston University
Applied Project Management

Independent Coursework
Noise and Vibration Control (ASHRAE)
Water System Design (ASHRAE)
Engineering Hydronic System Design and Control (Bell and Gossett)
Commissioning and Testing/Adjusting/Balancing (Engineered Systems)

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