Geospatial Cyber-Physical Supply Chain Summit

The MIT GDC hosted the Global Cyber-Physical Supply Chain Summit 2011 in London/Cardiff. The topic of discussion was the cyber-physical security considerations given to both personal and enterprise supply chains, and the plenary sessions were comprised of presentations by many of the 65 tenured professors/MIT GDC Advisory Board members collaborating on this issue.

Representatives from MIT GDC (e.g. MIT Auto-ID Lab, MIT Geonumerics Lab, MIT Center for Grid Computing, MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Lab), its sister labs (e.g. Auto-ID Lab of Fudan University, Auto-ID Lab of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), and multi-university research team (e.g. Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership, Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation, University of Memphis’ Center for Information Assurance located at the FedEx Institute of Technology, U.C. Berkeley’s New Media Center, et al) were in attendance.

“Cyber-physical security is now considered the number one threat to national security, being deemed more critical than conventional nuclear attacks. Last year alone, the US logged over 300,000 virus attacks on their networks and noted that organized crime now makes more money from cyber crime than any other activity.”

“The conference has concluded that a multidisciplinary team is necessary to address the problems of cyber security and that the UK and the US would need to produce many thousands of experts in this field over the next few years. That’s why the Geospatial Data Centre at MIT and the University of Wales have signed an agreement to jointly develop solutions for cyber security leadership and training, an agreement that will place Wales at the forefront of developments in this area.”

John Williams — Director, MIT Geospatial Data Center

“Part of the mission of the Global Academy is about bringing the best of the world to Wales, and we have had a wonderful event over the last two days that will make a real difference to the discourse on the growing importance of cyber security in all aspects of our lives.”

“We hope to work closely with many of the participating academics to take forward the agenda identified by the summit and to advance relations between MIT and the University of Wales as we now plan to develop a joint training programme for taking forward educational developments in the field of cyber-physical security, an area that the summit agreed was the overriding issue for government, business, and universities.”

Marc Clement — Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, University of Wales


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