MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL)

MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (MIT GEL)

“Charlie served as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for a MIT Gordon Leadership Program class on Engineering Leadership. He ensured the class, his fellow TA’s, and the students were always on-track, and he performed all tasks and responsibilities with deftness and considerable aplomb.” 

LTC Leo McGonagle, USA (Ret.) — Executive Director, MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program LinkedIn

Individuals and technology by themselves will not conquer the engineering challenges we face in the 21st century. The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program strives to develop those who will apply technical skills and leadership to guide solutions to tough engineering challenges in an economically, socially, and environmentally acceptable manner.

Engineering leadership consists of the exemplary attitudes, behaviors, and skills necessary for an engineer to be an effective leader. Engineering leadership involves making sense of complexity, seeing opportunities where others see insurmountable obstacles, envisioning possibilities where others are limited to the status quo, organizing, inspiring and influencing actions beyond what is considered possible, and achieving measurable results that effect positive change in the world.

Educating tomorrow’s engineering leaders demands a new approach that encompasses students’ professional, personal and leadership development, building upon the strong technical fundamentals of the traditionally rigorous MIT education. The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program provides to a select group of MIT engineering undergraduates a challenging and supportive environment in which they develop engineering leadership skills that will prepare them to be highly effective leaders of engineering teams.

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