Program Management

Management Strategy

Prince of Wales Fellowship at MIT
Director of Operations / Chief of Staff

Prince of Wales Fellowship at MITThe Prince of Wales/Prince Edward Fellowship (based at MIT and Harvard) are engaged with various governmental agencies for the investigation and development of new Civil Affairs Science (Decision Engineering Science, Sensemaking Science, Social Complexity Science, High Performance Computing Science, et al).

• Leading entrepreneurial business operations for academic/industry partnerships by preparing proposals, participating in research presentations, and managing project timelines for the IBM Network Science Research Center (NSRC).

• Supporting collaborative change efforts within military/non-governmental organizations by organizing joint research projects/conferences in defense, diplomacy, international development, disaster relief, and data collection/visualization.


IBM Network Science Research Center (NSRC)
Director of Operations

IBMIBM’s Network Science Research Center (NSRC) is a collaboration among scholars and researchers from IBM, MIT, Harvard University, Brown University, Columbia University, Swansea University, and other organizations.

Its mission is to advance the application of Network Science principles and technologies to advance environmental sustainability; promote global security and stability; and to transform the way we live and work as well as improve the human condition – one person, one city, one nation at a time.


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