IBM Network Science Research Center

IBM NSRC Network

“As our Director of Operations, Charles has been a key liaison between our research and government partners, tirelessly ensuring that our projects remain on schedule and under budget. Charles’ ability to strategically assess customer requirements has successfully anticipated future trends in technology development and applications, which have enabled the successful development of strategic business partnerships.” 

Wesley Rhodes — Chief Technology Officer,
Dynamic Sensemaking & Big Data Exploitation, IBM Corporate Strategy

IBMThe IBM Network Science Research Center (NSRC) is a collaboration among scholars and researchers from IBM, MIT, Harvard University, Brown University, Columbia University, Swansea University, and other organizations whose mission is to advance the application of Network Science principles and technologies to advance environmental sustainability; promote global security and stability; and to transform the way we live and work as well as improve the human condition – one person, one city, one nation at a time.

The NSRC provides access to practitioners and subject matter experts as well as pertinent information regarding information technology (e.g. Watson, Sensemaking, Advanced Analytics, Streams Computing, Cloud, etc.) that can be well applied not only to missions of government, academia and industry, but also to that of the society-at-large.

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