Prince of Wales Fellowship at MIT

Prince of Wales Fellowship at MIT - University of Wales' DSI Professor Marc Clement, MIT Professor Thomas Levenson, UC Berkeley Professor Ken Goldberg, Webby Awards Founder Tiffany Shlain, CEO Jan-Kees Buenen of SynerScope, Vice President Dr. David McQueeney of IBM Research, Deputy CTO Wesley Rhodes of IBM Federal/IBM Network Science Research Center (NSRC), Chief Scientist Marcus Vilaca of Inmarsat, MIT IDI Manager Laura Sampath, and Prince of Wales Fellow Steve Chan serve on the Joint MIT IDI-Prince of Wales/Prince Edward Fellowship Advisory Board, Charles Atencio serves as Operations Director for the Fellowship, Anna Miao serves as Communications Director for the Fellowship and the MIT IDI, and Steve Chan serves as Managing Fellow for the Fellowship and Chief Architect for the MIT IDI.The Prince of Wales/Prince Edward Fellowship (based at MIT and Harvard) are engaged with various governmental agencies for the investigation and development of new Civil Affairs Science, which includes Decision Engineering, Sensemaking, Social Complexity, and High Performance Computing.

Multi-Disciplinary Defense, Diplomacy, Development, Disaster Relief, and Data

Trans-Disciplinary Aspects of Smart Power: Diplomacy, Development, Defense, Disaster Relief, and Data

These scholars are engaged in Quadruple Helix (academic, industrial, NGO, and governmental) research to address contemporary complex global challenges from a 5D (Diplomacy, Defense, Development, Disaster Relief, and Data) vantage point, and their multidisciplinary Fellowship is well positioned to act upon its common vision of becoming a uniting force in the areas of public service, crisis mitigation, and global stability.

“Charles was instrumental in communicating the unique value of our research to secure additional resources of infrastructures, analytics, and people to creatively address complex socio-technical challenges, within our diverse network of familial partners, which includes: higher education and research institutions, foundations, companies, and government agencies. Such multilateral arrangements epitomize Charles’ marketing communications and relationship development capabilities.” 

Steve Chan — Executive Director, Prince of Wales Fellowship at MIT

The Fellows are currently drawn from the MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies/Science Writing Program, MIT Engineering Systems Division, MIT Sloan School of Management/MIT School of Engineering’s System Design and Management Program, MIT School of Engineering’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT School of Science’s Department of Physics, and MIT School of Architecture and Planning’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. The Fellowship operates under the auspices of the University of Wales’ Dynamic Sensemaking Institute, via the MIT Industrial Liaison Program, the MIT Public Science Communication Research and Production Initiative, and the MIT International Development Initiative.



MIT International Development Initiative (IDI)

MIT International Development Initiative (IDI)Born out of a longstanding partnership between the Public Service Center and the Edgerton Center’s D-Lab, the International Development Initiative (IDI) supports the international development ecosystem at MIT and its ever-growing area of interest for students and faculty.

MIT International Development Initiative Night

MIT International Development Initiative Night


MIT Comparative Media Studies / Writing (CMS/W)

MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing (CMSW)MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing offers an innovative program that applies critical analysis, collaborative research, and design across a variety of media arts, forms, and practices.

It develops thinkers who understand the dynamics of media change and can apply their insights to contemporary problems. It cultivates practitioners and artists who can work in multiple forms of contemporary media. Its students and research help shape the future by engaging with media industries and the arts as critical and visionary partners at a time of rapid transformation.

CMS/W is devoted to understanding the ways that media technologies and their uses can enrich the lives of individuals locally, across the U.S., and globally. CMS/W faculty, researchers, and students share a deep commitment to the development of pioneering new tools and strategies which serve the needs of diverse communities in the 21st century.



U.S. Army 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)

95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)

95th Civil Affairs Brigade teams work with U.S. Department of State country teams, government and nongovernmental organizations at all levels and with local populations in peaceful, contingency and hostile environments. These highly trained specialists enable military commanders and U.S. Ambassadors to improve relationships with various stakeholders in a local area to meet the objectives of the U.S. government.

They help host nations assess the needs of an area, bring together local and non-local resources to ensure long-term stability, and ultimately degrade and defeat violent extremist organizations and their ideologies. They may be involved in disaster prevention, management, and recovery, and with human and civil infrastructure assistance programs.

95th Civil Affairs Brigade Soldiers are Soldiers first, but are adept at working in foreign environments and conversing in one of about 20 foreign languages with local stakeholders. Brigade teams may work for months or years in remote areas of a host nation. Their low profile and command structure allow them to solidify key relationships and processes, to address root causes of instability that adversely affect the strategic interests of the United States.

Prince of Wales Fellowship Dinner with 95th CA BDE (A)

Prince of Wales Fellowship Dinner with 95th CA BDE (A)


U.S. Army Northeast Information Operations Center (NEIOC)

Northeast Information Operations Center (NEIOC)

The North East Information Operations Center (NEIOC) is a Battalion Command within the Army Reserve Information Operations Command at Ft Devens, MA. The NEIOC trains soldiers to support Joint and Army units in cybersecurity operations. The unit is unique because many of the soldiers possess civilian-acquired skills, which enable them to provide a high level of support to units that are difficult to attain within the active component.

NEIOC / MIT Joint Cybersecurity Training

NEIOC / MIT Joint Cybersecurity Training



IBM Network Science Research Center

IBMThe IBM Network Science Research Center (NSRC) is a collaboration among scholars and researchers from IBM, MIT, Harvard University, Brown University, Columbia University, Swansea University, and other organizations whose mission is to advance the application of Network Science principles and technologies to advance environmental sustainability; promote global security and stability; and to transform the way we live and work as well as improve the human condition – one person, one city, one nation at a time.


Cadmus Group

Cadmus-LogoCadmus delivers services and solutions that transform markets and behaviors, create social and economic value, and improve people’s lives. They emphasize technical excellence and believe deep technical expertise is critically important. They have repeatedly proven that the most effective results are achieved when experts across diverse disciplines work together to dramatically expand the solution set available to their clients. Their collaborative consulting environment leverages exceptional expertise in the physical and life sciences, engineering, the social sciences, strategic communication, architecture and design, law, and policy analysis to support their clients and advance social good.

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