Marketing / Social Media

Committee to Elect Oscar Camargo
Director of Social Media and Campaign Coordinator

Director of Social Media - Committee to Elect Oscar Camargo

As the Director of Social Media for the Committee to Elect Oscar Camargo, I developed and implemented outreach activities.

As one of the leaders for a grass-roots campaign for an unknown first-time candidate, I not only strategized, developed and monitored a broad on-line presence through websites, blogs, and social media, but also organized and implemented volunteer activities that included community outreach, literature distribution, and campaign advocacy.


MIT Geospatial Data Center (GDC)
Co-Lead, MIT GDC Social Media Working Group
Presenter, Geospatial Cyber-Physical Supply Chain Summit

MIT GDC LogoThe MIT Geospatial Data Center is the uniting force for MIT’s Auto-ID labs, the Geonumerics Group, the Center for Grid Computing, and the Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory.

As a leader for the GDC Social Media Working Group, I researched Western social media platform strategies and compared them with the leading localized social media sites in China, the Middle East, and Africa.


MIT Social Media Club

Chief Operations Officer



Central Catholic Broadcasting (CCB)

Computer Animator and Video Titler

Cental Catholic EmblemX



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