“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Charles as a classmate and as a friend. He is an amazingly gifted technical specialist. His ability to quickly dive deep into new areas of knowledge make him a valuable resource on any team. His attention to detail and passion for technology make him indispensable in any innovation-focused organization. His loyalty and perseverance are unmatched.”

Mario Montoya — Sr. Consultant, Siemens Corporate Technology LinkedIn

“As our Director of Operations, Charles has been a key liaison between our research and government partners, tirelessly ensuring that our projects remain on schedule and under budget. Charles’ ability to strategically assess customer requirements has successfully anticipated future trends in technology development and applications, which have enabled the successful development of strategic business partnerships.”

Wesley Rhodes — Chief Technology Officer,
Dynamic Sensemaking and Big Data Exploitation, IBM Corporate Strategy

“Charles is a very capable team member – juggling between multiple roles with ease. He is a great systems thinker, strategist and a system dynamics buff. He has excellent communication skills and can work very well in a multi-cultural environment. He is very sensitive to his team needs and expectations. He will always go the extra mile in helping a friend or a colleague. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I would aways like to work with him in the future.”

Ipshita Nag — Program Manager, Microsoft LinkedIn

“Charles is a team player who’s number one focus is providing great service to the Client. He is very organized and and detail oriented, and possesses a curiosity for learning new things. I am confident that he will succeed in anything he puts his mind to.”

Bill Shosho — Senior Engineering Manager, AECOM / EarthTech / Tyco International LinkedIn

“I have worked with Charles in few projects at MIT. He is very analytical, thorough and detailed oriented. He puts in lot of time and effort on every assignment and it shows in the outstanding quality of work he produces. He is also great in taking initiative, driving actions and following up to complete projects on time. I am also impressed with his leadership abilities and ability to lead various initiatives at MIT. He is a key figure in mentoring future leaders at MIT through the Gordon engineering leadership program. I would strongly recommend Charles and wish him all success in his future endeavors. He would also be a great candidate for promoting holistic systems thinking in any organization.”

Vijan Braumik — Director of Global E-commerce, Sears Holdings Corporation LinkedIn

“Charles has shown himself to be extremely knowledgeable with regards to both HVAC and CADD. He has freely shared his knowledge and assisted me on numerous occasions with strange, odd, and interesting HVAC and CADD problems. He is a man of character and enjoys challenges.”

Ted Howland — Project Technical Lead, MWH LinkedIn

“Charles is the consummate system thinker. He is extremely good at understanding the needs of the stakeholders — whoever they maybe, understanding the current problem space and devising a forward looking strategy.  He has the capacity to visualize issues at a high level but is also not afraid to get his hands dirty to help people with whatever difficulty they maybe experiencing.  On a personal level he is extremely respectful to people and is a very good communicator. He articulates his thoughts clearly and is very patient. He handles conflicts diplomatically without offending anyone or by approaching a solution with a biased perspective. It has been an absolute pleasure working in groups with Charlie and absolutely look forward to further interactions.”

Arjun Shrinath — Mobile Product Manager, Telenav LinkedIn


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